Game Jam Lessons Learned From Godot Wild Jam 26

Posted on Sun 01 November 2020 in Tech • Tagged with godot, game jam, gamedev • 4 min read

I participated in the Godot Wild Jam 26 game jam between October 9, 2020 and October 18, 2020. I successfully completed a game with the theme of 'bread' called CarbLoader, and I learned a few things from the jam.

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How To Open A Support Ticket

Posted on Sun 04 October 2020 in Tech • Tagged with tech support, tech, howto • 4 min read

After working in tech support for over 15 years, I have some suggestions for users who are trying to get help with a problem. Here's the things you should consider adding in your support request.

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Calling A Python Lambda Function From Pelican

Posted on Sun 09 August 2020 in Tech • Tagged with pelican, aws • 6 min read

Details on how I created a subscribe form on my Pelican static site that calls AWS Lambda and stores data in AWS DynamoDB.

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Pelican Blog Setup

Posted on Sat 25 July 2020 in Tech • Tagged with pelican, markdown • 2 min read

Setting up this blog using Pelican on S3.

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