Daily Stock Market Updates In Slack Using Python and AWS Lambda

Posted on Mon 20 February 2023 in Tech • Tagged with python, aws, tech, money • 3 min read

A way to get daily updates of the major stock indicies in Slack using a Python script running in AWS Lambda

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Sending Minimed 770G Data To Nightscout On AWS

Posted on Sat 12 March 2022 in Tech • Tagged with tech, aws, diabetes, health • 7 min read

I set up Nightscout on AWS using EC2, ALB, and Route 53 instead of Heroku and Mongo Atlas. I also used a custom xDrip+ Android app to send CGM data to my Ticwatch E3. Here are the details!

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Installing TriggerMesh and Knative in Minikube

Posted on Sat 05 February 2022 in Tech • Tagged with tech, kubernetes, triggermesh, work, howto • 3 min read

Notes, resources, and thoughts on the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional exam after passing in January 2022.

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How To Open A Support Ticket

Posted on Sun 04 October 2020 in Tech • Tagged with tech support, tech, howto • 4 min read

After working in tech support for over 15 years, I have some suggestions for users who are trying to get help with a problem. Here's the things you should consider adding in your support request.

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