Daily Stock Market Updates In Slack Using Python and AWS Lambda

Posted on Mon 20 February 2023 in Tech • Tagged with python, aws, tech, money • 3 min read

A way to get daily updates of the major stock indicies in Slack using a Python script running in AWS Lambda

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How I Fixed AWS ELB Health Checks Failing On Flask

Posted on Sun 28 February 2021 in Tech • Tagged with flask, python, aws • 3 min read

Details on how I set up a Flask application on AWS ECS behind an Elastic Load Balancer, and what I had to do to get the ELB health checks to properly work.

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Using A Tornado Socket.IO Server For A Multiplayer Game

Posted on Thu 04 February 2021 in Tech • Tagged with tornado, python, game jam • 4 min read

I participated in my first team game jam last weekend, where we developed a multiplayer game using Phaser as the frontend and Tornado as the backend, which communicated via websockets. Here are some details, decisions, and lessons learned.

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Using HTMX in Flask without Flask-Bootstrap

Posted on Fri 18 December 2020 in Tech • Tagged with flask, python, htmx, bootstrap • 5 min read

Details on how I switched from Flask-Bootstrap to directly using Bootstrap 4, which broke my HTMX functions. Here's how I was able to fix it.

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