Continuous Restarting

Posted on Sat 19 February 2022 in Life • Tagged with life, philosophy • 4 min read

Trying and failing can lead to not wanting to retry, but I've found that restarting your efforts numerous times is the key to making it stick.

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Evaluating Decisions Based On Information Available

Posted on Fri 14 January 2022 in Life • Tagged with life, philosophy, poker • 3 min read

Some thoughts on what poker has taught me about decisions we make in life without knowing all the information.

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Working From Home Tips

Posted on Sun 02 January 2022 in Life • Tagged with life, philosophy, work • 4 min read

I enjoy working from home, so here's some tips on how I make it work.

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Some Mental Aspects of Weightlifting

Posted on Sun 19 December 2021 in Fitness • Tagged with fitness, philosophy, lifting, health • 4 min read

Lifting has a lot of mental hurdles to overcome, and I don't know if they get talked about enough.

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My Current Investment Strategy

Posted on Wed 24 November 2021 in Money • Tagged with money, philosophy, life • 5 min read

The main elements of my current views on investing money.

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